Workplace Mindfulness Train the Trainer for Mindfulness Trainers

Workplace Mindfulness Training

WorkplaceMT is designed specifically for those looking for mindfulness at work training which meets the needs of leaders, managers and employees who wish to develop mindfulness.

TME en Oxford

The Mindfulness Exchange (TME) was set up to take mindfulness into the workplace from Oxford University’s Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC).

TME Train the Trainer

TME have developed a 3 Day Workplace Mindfulness professional development module designed especially to equip mindfulness trainers with the confidence and understanding to successfully deliver the WorkplaceMT programme to organizations.

  • 30, 31 augustus, 1 september 2019

  • SeeTrue Maastricht:
    Duitsepoort 13 A

  • Costs € 750,-

  • Telt mee voor 3 keuzethemadagen in de Lange Traject Opleiding

English and Dutch

The training will be delivered in English. Dutch workplace training materials are available.

  • More Short Videos

    The teachers of the TME WorkplaceMT Train the trainer talk in short videos about mindfulness, the workplace, the workplaceMT, TME, Evidence, benefits and the TME WorkplaceMT Train the trainer.

  • Defining mindfulness

    Marina Grazier defines mindfulness in a workplace context.

  • Benefits of mindfulness

    Marina Grazier discusses the benefits of mindfulness.

  • TME and WorkplaceMT

    Marina Grazier talks about TME and WorkplaceMT as a mindfulness training approach

  • WorkplaceMT trainer training

    Juliet Adams talks about WorkplaceMT trainer training

  • WorkplaceMT

    Juliet Adams, who co-developed the WorkplaceMT approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace, talks about the increase in popularity of WorkplaceMT as a training approach and its online presence.

  • Evidence base for WorkplaceMT

    Marina Grazier provides an update on the latest research into mindfulness at work which underpins WorkplaceMT as a training approach. Recorded September 2017.

  • Case studies on WorkplaceMT

    Marina Grazier provides some case studies of how WorkplaceMT mindfulness training is being used within a wide range of organisations, Including CVS Vets who have rolled out the program across the whole company. Recorded in September 2017

  • How employees and organisations can benefit from mindfulness

    Marina Grazier discusses how employees and organisations can benefit from mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness as a crucial tool in the modern day workplace

    Juliet Adams discusses why mindfulness is a crucial tool in the modern day workplace.

  • How can mindfulness be used at work, as an on the spot workplace tool

    Juliet Adams discusses how can mindfulness be used at work, as an on the spot workplace tool


Testimonials 2016 in Maastricht

"Hele mooie training, die veel handvaten biedt". (Lilian Emanuel)

"Well done Marina and Juliet, this is for me the way forward to support employees (and companies) to become aware that they have a choice to pause in this economic world in transition". (Saskia Baggen)

Evaluation results 21 participants (anonymous)
The overal rating I would give Marina Grazier would be (1 being lowest, 10 being highest): 8,71 (average) 
The overal rating I would give Marina Grazier would be (1 being lowest, 10 being highest): 8,71 (average)
The overall rating I would give for this course would be (1 being lowest, 10 being highest): 8,43 (average) 
I would recommend this course to others (Everyone agreed)

Testimonials 2015 from the UK

“I arrived at TME training feeling a combination of excited and sceptical. Excited by the potential of mindfulness in the workplace and to meet two people whose work I’d admired from afar and sceptical about how mindfulness could be offered in 6 x 1 hour sessions in a way which maintains its authenticity and integrity.

Fast forward a week and I’m leaving feeling inspired. What is being offered here should not be underestimated.
TME have used the solid foundations of MBCT and the accessibility of Finding Peace in a Frantic World to develop a mindfulness training programme for the workplace which I’m sure will bring benefit to many individuals and the organisations for which they work.
If you have an established meditation practice and a passion for mindfulness then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TME’s Trainer Training, Juliet and Marina’s warmth, generosity and passion for mindfulness shone through”. (Sally Roberts, MCIPD, The Northern Centre for Mindfulness and Compassion, York MBSR , July)

"I just wanted to say a quick thank‐you for the considerable effort you put in to developing and delivering the train the trainer course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and came away with a head buzzing with ideas about how to use it. The course was well‐paced and included a great balance of demonstration teaching, discussion of pedagogy, teach‐back time, information and discussion sessions and time for reflection.
I also very much appreciated the time given over to personal meditation in a group setting as I deepened my own practice and benefited from this enormously. It was also great to be welcomed into Marina’s lovely home and to be so well looked after all week. Thank you." (Louise Gathercole, Coach. July 2015 October 2015 “)

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to train in business. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. Thank you.” Ken Lunn, Experienced Mindfulness specialist “You got it spot on for me. A massive thank you ‐ it has been transformative in preparing me todo the work” (Rebecca Smith, Therapist)

“A great course. Thank you for not worrying that some of us might be enjoying ourselves too much, even though we were enjoying ourselves greatly” (Graham English, ex Chief Executive at Central Derby PCT & East Cornwall PCG, Leadership specialist)

“I have benefitted hugely from this course both personally and professionally and have come away with ideas I can use straight away.” (Catherine Midgley, Executive coach)

“Great course. Very well structured and delivered. As an experience it was wonderful. The factthat I have a proven mindfulness for business course to take to market is inspiring” (Andy Watters, Coach, consultant and sales specialist)

Trainer training for mindfulness teachers has in the past focused on the medical model of mindfulness teaching, which is not always a good fit for the workplace. Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT) is an approach to teaching mindfulness developed specifically for the workplace.