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Integral mindfulness

Facilitated by Miles Kessler

Waking up, Growing up and Showing up

Mindfulness, MBSR and MBCT in a broader perspective. Exploring levels, states, stages and different perspectives.

Ongoing research has demonstrated that human beings have at least two very different types of growth and development—and this means two very different types of spiritual engagements as well. And the funny thing is that, because one of these approaches has only recently been discovered, there has never been a path of growth or development (conventional or spiritual or any other form) that actually has included both of these incredibly important forms of growth. As we’ll see, we refer to these two major approaches as Growing Up and Waking Up.......

So what’s the big difference between Integral Mindfulness and regular mindfulness? Integral Mindfulness uses standard mindfulness, but it combines that with many of the breakthrough insights of that leading-edge model that I mentioned earlier, which is generally called Integral Theory and Practice, and it uses that framework to refine and focus, even further, the areas of your life to which you can apply mindfulness—hence, increasing the number of areas in which you can achieve flow states. These other areas are present in absolutely every human being alive, but most people just aren’t aware of them; they’re actually occurring right now in all of us, but few of us directly notice them.  (Ken Wilber, Integral Meditation, Shambhala 2016)

De themadag Integral Mindfulness zal begeleid worden (in het engels) door Miles Kessler. Miles heeft in Birma en in Nepal intensief vipassana beoefend bij U Pandita en Vivekenanda. Daarnaast heeft hij zich verdiept in de Integral Theory van Ken Wilber, BigMind van Genpo Roshi en in mediation van Diane Hamilton. Miles leidt een aikido- en meditatiecentrum in Tel Aviv.

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