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Working with Intensity by Trish Bartley

(formerly this was the mindfulness and cancer training)

Studiebelasting Working with Intensity

- Twee dagen
- Bij deze opleiding wordt studiemateriaal geleverd waarbij de geschatte tijd om het materiaal te bestuderen 5 uur bedraagt.

Who is this course for?

This training is offered to teachers of MBSR / MBCT who want to explore ways of effectively managing intensity within their teaching practice. Participants are expected to have already attended training in teaching mindfulness and to have some experience in delivering mindfulness to clients.

Who teaches this course?

Trish Bartley is an experienced mindfulness teacher who has been teaching MBCT to cancer patients for over 12 years. She is the author of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer; Gently Turning Towards – Wiley Blackwell (2012). She has particular experience of working with intensity, through her teaching practice with people with cancer – and her own personal practice.

Where and when will this course take place?

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10:00 - 17:30 uur


375 euro

Workshop Outline

The workshop will offer teachers the opportunity to explore the nature of intensity - as it arises in the group process; with individual participants; and within themselves as teachers and practitioners. Through practice, inquiry, discussion, and the group process, we will learn to find ways of being with intensity safely thus harnessing our potential to open to learning, change and growth. We will use the four movements of Intention; Coming Back; Turning Towards; and Kindness to underpin our workshop and to support us to trust what unfolds.

In view of the focus of the workshop, it would be wise NOT to attend this workshop if you have a significant current personal experience of intensity.

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